Eyelash Growth: Its Growth Cycle, Regrowth, How To Grow, Serums, Products & Its Health In Detail

Is eyelash growth on your mind? Looking for ways to grow your eyelashes longer?

Not a problem if you understand what the problem is. Working on lengthening the lashes will be more effective than ever.

eyelash growth

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As much as good and fashionable clothes are necessary to make you look good, eyelashes are similarly that important to make your eyes look beautiful. Losing them isn’t just annoying but heartbreaking.

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In this article we have collected the detailed information about eyelashes from scratch to the remedies you can opt to the care you must take to grow a thicker, longer and bolder eyelash for yourself.

Let’s get started with the introduction:

What are Eyelashes?

  • The hairs covering the rim of the eyelids are called eyelashes. They are very sensitive and contract as a reflex when an object comes near to the eye.
  • Their composition is similar to that of human body hairs. Each of the eyelids has three or maximum of five layers of hairs.
  • Eyelashes are fastened or fixed to lids through a root and eyelid muscles help them to contract to form protection to eyes from foreign materials.

what are eyelashes

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Why Do We Have Eyelashes?

A series of experiments by researchers and scientists have shown that the eyelashes around the eyelids grow to reduce the airflow over the eye. Each mammal has eyelashes of 1/3rd length than that of their eye to prevent evaporation of lubricants from the edges. This stops the dust particles from getting deposited around the eye.

Eyelashes that is longer than the length mentioned above causes evaporation. Also, the thicker one blocks the airflow but limits the light reaching the eye.

This clears the dilemma why the bigger and taller mammals have many layers of eyelashes while shorter ones have few layers.

The taller ones are prone to more light and dust than the shorter ones.

So, we can simply say that eyelashes are a sheet of hair protecting eyes from damage.


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Eyelashes, A Sign of Beauty!?

Eyelashes aren’t just considered as a part of a human body, but for women, it is a part of their natural beauty, a sign of their youth, fertility, and feminineness.

Now a question arises that why would one want longer lashes?

  • Longer Eyelash makes a woman’s eye appear open and wider, again a sign of feminineness.
  • It augments the beauty of a woman’s eye, and even men are attracted towards one with beautiful eyes.
  • A longer lash seduces even the most resistive men through its dramatic charm.

Apart from all of this:

One gets an advantage of applying the various type of makeups to make you look beautiful. Capture your best! One who owns longer and thicker lashes appear more confident that even boost their self-respect making them appear more beautiful in crowd and photographs.

So, nowadays usage of fake eyelashes and applying mascara to highlight the shorter lashes to showcase their beauty has increased to a wide scale among women.

Though eyelash growth serums remain to be the most preferred option to boost eyelash growth keeping in mind long-term results and overall health.

History of Eyelashes

Eyelashes have been a source of attraction from ancient times. Even in the early ages, people were aware of the different methods to style their eyelashes to make their eye appear beautiful. Men also used to apply ointments to highlight their eyelashes, to keep bad spirits away. But soon they took it a sign of fashion and started styling them to showcase their beauty.

Men also used to apply ointments to highlight their eyelashes, to keep bad spirits away. But soon they took it a sign of fashion and started styling them to showcase their beauty.

eyelashes in ancient times

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Soon mascara was found, made up of coal powder and petroleum jelly to highlight the eyelashes. In the 19th century, the surgical treatment for eyelash growth started to prevent women from staying at home to coming and being confident among the others.

With the time passing ‘Maybelline’ came with an improved formula of mascara and fake eyelashes.

Learning the importance of eyelashes in life on women and the adverse effect of chemicals in the surroundings; curlers, serums, and conditioners were invented in the twenty-first century.

How Does It Work?

Every time the eye blink, lashes closes restricting all the exterior access to the eye. During this one blink, Ciliary glands and sebaceous gland on the edges of the eye secrets lubricants which keeps eyes from drying out and in a healthy condition.

Structure and the Constituents

The upper portion of the eyelids has longer lashes than the lower one. Lashes on the upper end grow up to the length of 8 millimeters making a curve in an upward direction.

And so, the upper end has more lashes. There are minimum 70 to the maximum of 150 lashes on the upper lid.

Also, there are about 60 to maximum 80 lashes on the lower end giving a curve in the downward direction. The eyelashes take a curve in a way that they protect eyes from foreign materials and help sweat to slip down.

The Complete Eyelash Growth Cycle

The eyelashes have same constituents as human hairs. They are biological macromolecules or polymers comprising 90 % of proteins and 10 % of water. They possess melanin and keratins, proteins that are responsible for the color of the hair.

eyelash growth cycle

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Like human body hair, eyelashes also arise from follicles beneath the skin. Development and Growth of Eyelashes are divided mainly into 3 phases.

The first phase is ‘Growth’ or ‘Anagen,’ which last for 45 days. During this period lashes grow in a layer up to its maximum length.

The stage following it is called ‘Declination,’ ‘Catagen’ or ‘Transition’ phase which lasts for 2 to 3 weeks.  During this phase, hair growth stops, and the follicle starts shrinking.

If one plucks eyelash or it falls during this transition, it does not grow back immediately because it is necessary for the follicle to complete the transition before it moves to the last phase. The lash that is plucked requires two months for regeneration.

3 phases of eyelash growth cycle

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Once the transition is complete, follicle moves to the last phase called ‘Resting,’ ‘Shedding’ or ‘Telogen’ phase. During this phase, the lash falls out, repeating the growth cycle again.  Therefore, eyelashes replace themselves completely every two years.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back Again? Will Eyelashes Grow Back After Pulling?

Yes, they grow back once they shed. Growing, shedding and again the re-growth is the natural growth cycle of eyelashes. Also, styling your eye hair, using curler and usage of mascara can lead to the shedding of your eyelashes.

pulling of eyelashes

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Normally, the sheared lashes grow as per the cycle without any use of external materials, but the speed depends on many factors. It largely depends upon one’s diet and the care taken.

To maintain its health is as important as maintaining your body to get longer and thicker lashes and for the same right products needs to be used.

During the re-growth process, if the ratio of the lashes is growing back decreases, it may be because of some serious problem. Severe and sudden losses of eyelash are associated with diseases such as Alopecia Areata, Hypothyroidism, and Autoimmune diseases.

If the problem pertains for a long time and your lashes falling quantity taking more than two months to regrow, one should immediately consult a doctor.

do eyelashes grow back if pulled out from root

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Do Eyelashes Grow Back If Pulled Out From Root

Yes, they do but eyelash growth after pulling depends upon the individual who has done it. People who have once accidentally pulled out the lashes had seen regrowth in 7 to 8 weeks.

Eyelash Growth After Repetitive Pulling?

Even, the eyelashes’ being plucked out regrow but takes a period of 2 months for the follicle to complete the transition. But eyelash growth after repetitive pulling is a big question as it then depends upon the care of you take off your eyelash and diet you follow. There are plenty of medical, cosmetic and natural ways to grow back your eyelash.

What are the Effects of Repetitive Pulling?

As mentioned above, an eyelash which is plucked or falls on its takes around two months for regeneration. However, repetitive pulling sometimes damages the follicle hindering the natural eyelash growth cycle.

Some of the readers and reviewers over the internet, also state that even after repetitive pulling eyelashes grow in some years. However, the plucking manner differs with every person, and in this case, follicle can get damaged reducing the eyelash growth rate, and in some cases, they don’t even re-grow.

Is it possible to Lengthen Eyelashes?

Yes, definitely yes. There are plenty of methods and treatments available for the re-growth and lengthening of eyelashes. Eyelash extensions, cosmetic and medical solutions are available if natural methods don’t just work for you.

Read the blog to know about all the procedures to obtain longer and thicker eyelashes.

Eyelash Growth – What is it?


The main purpose of eyelashes is to protect eyes from dust and foreign materials. As they are also the part of the natural beauty, they are increased using cosmetic and medical treatments.

Growing eyelash using natural ways, artificially or usage of chemicals to enhance its growth is referred as eyelash growth. Drugs, conditioners, and extensions are used to enhance the growth of eyelashes.

Different Ways to Grow Back Your Eyelashes

When an eyelash growth stops, people ought to try multiple remedies to start or faster the growth rate. Remember whatever you should be tried with your doctor’s consent. These treatments can be mainly categorized into three types. They are as follows:

natural eyelash growth techniques

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plant is usually grown in every home garden. It is one of the most effective remedies. It contains essential nutrients and vitamins required to increase the growth rate and keep them moisturized.

Apply a fresh gel of Aloe Vera every night over your eyelashes and clean them properly with warm water in the morning.

  1. Lemon Peels

Lemon peels being a good source of folic acids, Vitamin B and C, and important nutrients can also be used to increase the growth. Soak a tablespoon of dry peels in a container filled with castor or olive oil. Let it get settled for few weeks and then apply it over your eyelash in the night. Clean your face properly the next morning with warm water. Do the same for few months to get better results.

  1. Olive Oil

Olive Oil is found to be full of oleic acid and Vitamin E and is one the well-known remedy. It helps in nourishing and increasing the volume of thicker and darker eyelashes. Dip a clean cotton swab into the warm oil and apply it carefully to the lashes leaving it to dry through the night. Rinse them properly next morning and continue this process until eyelashes start growing again.

  1. Castor Oil

It is one of the powerful elements helping towards increasing the eyelash growth and fighting against micro-organisms hampering the growth. Add few drops of Olive oil or any source of Vitamin E and apply it carefully on the lashes and leave it for the night. Rinse it in the next morning with warm water. Do the same for three months.

  1. Massage

Massage your eyelids daily for five to seven minutes to increase the growth rate. Massaging improves the blood flow helping the nutrients and vitamins reach the eyelids where follicles reside. Take petroleum jelly or drops of oil on your fingertip and massage our eyelid twice a day.

  1. Brush your Lashes

Brushing helps to remove dust particle from the eyelashes. Apply petroleum jelly or oil on your comb and brush your hair properly. Do this twice a day for five minutes. It will surely give positive results.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea is said to be a rich source of flavonoids. Flavonoid stimulates the growth of eyelashes giving them a longer and thicker growth. Use a black, meaning sugarless green tea and apply it over eyelashes using cotton swabs. Let it get dry for fifteen minutes and eventually clean it with cold water. Do the same twice a day for three months.

  1. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is said to a good source of protein and helps in growth of longer and thicker lashes. Use cotton swabs to apply the cold milk on eyes and lashes and allow it to dry. Clean them after ten minutes. Repeat this twice a day for four months and see the positive results.

  1. Proper Diet

A healthy diet is not only a source to keep you active and in good health but also a source of all the essential vitamins, proteins, and nutrients required for the hair growth.

Fruits, green vegetables, and coconut or olive oil are very good for health and a flow of pure blood. This blood is eventually, going to carry Vitamin C, B, E and A, iron, copper, zinc, selenium, magnesium and proteins to the follicle. This helps follicles to grow healthier, stronger, longer, darker, and thicker eyelashes. So, one should avoid eating junk food and move towards healthy appetite.

  • Eggs

Eggs contain Proteins, Vitamin B and biotins required to improve the texture of eyelashes.

To gain longer and thicker lashes, beat one egg along with a tablespoon of glycerin till it forms a thick paste. Apply it over lashes using cotton swabs. Rinse them properly after 15 minutes with cold water. Do it for three times in a week for a better result.


  • All the remedies are easily available at home
  • Not costly
  • Chemical free and thus allergen free


  • Great care needs to be taken while applying it
  • If it kept on to get dry for more than a desired time, it would result in lash fall
  • No guaranteed result and may take several months for the follicle to regrow the hair
  • 2. Cosmetic Ways & Treatments to Regrow Eyelashes

  1. Best Eyelash Growth Serums

There are eyelash growth serums available in the market which helps in enhancing, moisturizing and conditioning eyelashes. This helps to increase the growth rates by going into the roots of follicles when applied on areas covering eyelashes.

Check ingredients and price before buying any growth serum. Apply them before using mascara over your lashes.

  1. Lash Accelerators

These accelerators help in increasing the growth more than any other material can. They are easily available but are very costly. Apply according to as directed by your dermatologist.

  1. Keratin Treatments

Keratins help in boosting the growth and giving a curl to your eyelash. It appears exactly like the fake lashes but needs no maintenance. Each treatment lasts for two months and is of 150$.


  • Lengthens your lashes
  • Can be applied evenly, and cannot get spread in your eyes
  • Can be worn for a longer time


  • Are very costly
  • Poor quality products can lead to more hair loss and health problems
  • Contains chemical and none of the naturals
  • 3. Other Surgical and Medical Treatments

  1. Eyelash Transplant

Eyelash transplant started in 2009, aiming for transplanting graft of hairs from other body parts to the eyelids and enabling follicles to have hold of them and start the re-growth process.

It takes hours to perform such operations and is too much costly.

  1. Multivitamin Tablets

Sometimes, the body lacks necessary vitamins required for the follicle to perform transitions. Doctors prescribed multivitamins tablets suiting the body, to implant all the necessary minerals required by the body.

  1. Vitamin E Lotions

Vitamin E lotions are available in the market, which gets in the direct touch of the skin. This enables the void in follicles to get directly filled with Vitamin E.A fast way to implant the pre-requisites into eyelashes.


  • Guaranteed outcome
  • Requires no care


  • Very costly

Different Ways You can have Temporary Eyelashes

When it takes the time to re-grow your lash permanently, why to stop having fun till then? Temporary eyelashes are available in the market that you can use easily to enhance your beauty.

  1. Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions are neither temporary nor permanent lashes. They last up to twelve weeks. They are glued sequentially with the natural lashes allowing them to grow with the original ones. They fall when eyelashes fall. There are three types of extensions available based on the materials: Mink, Silk, or Synthetic.


  • They grow naturally with your lashes
  • Stays up to a longer period


  • Very costly
  • Contains steroids
  • Needs to be refilled every two to four weeks
  1. Fake Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are made up of the human hair but wear off very fast. It needs to be removed every day. Are very cheap and can be easily seen that are artificial ones and are neither long-lasting.

  1. Mascara Techniques

Special mascaras are available to give curl and highlight your eyelash. Application of it gives an illusion of longer and thicker eyelashes. It gives your eye a bolder look to showcase your beauty to the world.

How much Time does It take to Lengthen the Lashes?

As eyelashes have a composition similar to the human hair, it takes one to six months to re-grow. The time taken solely depends upon the diet and the lifestyle of a person. This period can be minimized by using different serums, oils, and naturally available products.

The time taken solely depends upon the diet and the lifestyle of a person. This period can be minimized by using different serums, oils, and naturally available products.

Do consult a doctor before using any product, as the correct product suiting your skin can grow your eyelashes within one or two months.

How to Maintain Eyelash Health?

eyelash health

credits: homehealthbeauty.in

To grow lashes longer and thicker, it is very important to maintain and take care of your eyelashes and its growth. One should take following steps to maintain the growth of eyelashes:

  1. Maintain your diet and eat healthy and nutritious food.
  2. It is very important to have a sound sleep every day.
  3. Don’t consume tobacco and reduce the consumption of alcohol on a regular basis.
  4. Always use quality products for eyelash growth.
  5. To improve the growth, massage your eyelids every day for few minutes.
  6. Before sleeping, clean all the makeup you wear.
  7. Use lash growth conditioners and enhancement serums.
  8. Always apply the serum before using mascara.

Diseases or Disorders Involving the Eyelashes

Diseases or disorders related to eyelids results to drooping of eyelashes, growth problems, twitching, paralysis, and inflammation in areas covering eyelashes.

Diseases or Disorders causing Inflammation


It causes inflammation in eyelids and constant itching and redness in eyes. It is due to rubbing, plucking, and allergy to the applied cosmetic product or due to the usage of bad extensions or infections.

It can be treated cleaning eyelids with baby shampoo and moist cloth, using antibiotics and warm compressors.

Other diseases caused due to blepharitis are:

  • Stye: A Stye occurs due to an infection in sweat and ciliary glands surrounding the eyelids. It doesn’t last for a long period and disappears within four days on using antibiotics or in a week without any treatment.
  • Chalazion: The inflammation and obstruction of oil glands cause severe clotting in eyelids. Some of them get healed without any treatments but some needs to be surgical operations. If it regrows, it can result in eye cancer, and so one should compulsorily consult a doctor.
  • Meibomianitis: Meibomianitis occurs when oil glands in eyes at the base gets blocked. This thickens the eyelids and makes them rusty.It can be treated cleaning eyelids with baby shampoo and moist cloth, using antibiotics and warm compressors.
  • Lacrimal duct obstruction: Whenever the lacrimal duct carrying tears from tear gland of an eye to nose gets blocked, it gets infected. This causes irritation, stinginess, burning sensation and itching in the swollen area. It also discharges pus which needs to be cleaned immediately or else would increase the infection. Antibiotics and massage can help to clear the problem. If an antibiotic doesn’t make any effect, surgery must be done.

Other Disorders and Diseases

Trichiasis: It is the eyelash that comes in contact with the conjunctiva or cornea. Eyelash grows in a reversed direction to the eye causing infection. Water discharge, excessive squinting and blinking, and pigmentation on cornea are the symptoms of trichiasis. It can be due to congenital defect, inflammation, trauma or infections in the eye.

Madarosis: It is commonly known as ciliarymadarosis or milphosis. It is an abnormal loss of lashes. Madarosis can be caused due to congenital disorder inflammation, tumor, drugs or fake extensions.

DemodexFolliculorum: These are the mites or parasites living in follicles. They eat dead cells and secretions and also reproduce in follicles only. They are generally of 0.1-0.4 millimeter and can reproduce to a larger number in eyelids causing infections and diseases.

Crab Lice: These insects make a home in eyelashes and pubic regions feeding on the blood. It can be treated using pyrethrins and permethrins and should be washed very carefully.

Trichotillomania: It is one of the mental disorders where it becomes compulsory to pull one’s hair. This damages the skin and a severe hair loss. It is very difficult to treat this condition.

Trichophagia: It is one of the severe mental disorders, where one starts eating their hair and results to a great loss of lashes. 15% of the patients eat hair and have digestion problems.

Factors that may Affect the Growth of Eyelashes

Eyelashes don’t grow in a day or two. There is a complete growth cycle that it has to follow and different factors affecting its growth. These factors not only lower the growth rate but also results in eyelash losses.

  1. Improper diet. Eating unhealthy and junk food doesn’t supply the necessary nutrients needed by the follicles to re-grow the eyelashes. This slower the growth rate and leads to lash loss. Having healthy diet supplies all the necessary vitamins and nutrients supporting and maintaining the growth. Sometimes, it even increases the growth rate. So, one should always eat healthy food.
  2. Lifestyle! People not smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol tends to have a good lifestyle and healthy growth of eyelashes. Butone who consumes it beyond a certain level losses the elements supporting the growth.
  3. Applying waterproof mascara needs a great effort while removing it. This might result in pulling of eyelashes while removing it.
  4. Aging also results in hair loss, and this affects the growth rate.
  5. Hormonal changes also affect the growth of eyelashes.
  6. Thyroid and cancer problems.
  7. Use of cheap and poor quality conditioners and serums.

Why do People Suffer from an Eyelash Loss? What Needs to be done and How?

As eyelashes are the sign of beauty, it is very frustrating when one starts losing it. There are plenty of reasons why one suffers from an eyelash loss. Before, one jumps to the conclusion that they are suffering from an eyelash loss; it is necessary to keep in mind the growth cycle.

Falling and re-growth are part of the cycle. But if the fallen lashes don’t re-grow back, it is a severe concern. On inspection it may result that you might be suffering from the following one:

  1. Ophthalmic reasons: This may be due to the infections and inflammation caused in the eye. Parasites, bacterial infection, gland dis-functioning, the condition such as blepharitis can be the cause of such reasons. During these problems, repeatedly rubbing of the eye for comfort results to lash loss.
  2. Dermatologic reasons: Skin diseases such as dermatitis or post-menopausal alopecia are causes of such problems. Repeated rubbing and scratching to give comfort towards itching also results in eyelash losses.
  3. Menopause: As a side effect of menopause, body losses estrogen hindering the hair growth. This result in loss of eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair on the scalp. As the follicle loses the nutrients, it grows thinner and shorter lashes which may fall eventually.
  4. Medications: Medicines to cure other diseases hurt hair loss. Drugs used for the treatment of thyroid, blood pressure and oral care results in an eyelash loss. Sometimes, they do re-grow once the medication is stopped, but other times they don’t grow back. Also, the chemotherapy treatments result in body hair loss. But once, it is completed hair starts growing back.

To prevent an eyelash loss one should follow the following things:

  1. One should carefully choose the mascara. Avoid using cheap brands.
  2. If your eye or eyelashes get infected, immediately consult a doctor and get it treated. Else you might need surgery to cure the infection and will result to lash losses.
  3. Increase your intake of fatty acids and protein in the regular diet. Good diet supplies all the valuable nutrients required for proper and fast growth.
  4. If hair loss further pertains, one should avoid the usage of mascara and opt for natural remedy of application of a good lash serum.
  5. Avoid the use of three months old or beyond expire makeups as they make contain bacteria that may cause infection.
  6. Make a habit of removing makeup before going to bed.
  7. Avoid using fake extensions. Still, if you do, use cotton swabs with oil to remove them.
  8. Use good curler and hot eye compresses to increase the growth rate.

It gets very annoying to go out with fallen lashes. Using makeup wisely and in a manner can help you to hide your problem.

  • Apply serum before using mascara and go for the darkest shade of it. Using mascara can highlight your remaining eyelash and can make your eye appear beautiful
  • Use good eyeliner to give a bold look and to create an illusion of having longer and thicker lashes
  • Though one should avoid using fake eyelashes, with the doctor’s consent wear well-branded eyelashes
  • Also use makeup to highlight your cheekbones and lips, to draw attention elsewhere then the eyelashes