5 Easy Tips to Flawless Makeup

Nothing can be more disappointing than the moment when you realised that in spite of spending so much effort on makeup your pimples or dark circles are still visible!

You have the perfect dress the perfect shoe the perfect hair style but without that perfect flawless makeup how on the world can you look perfect and be the centre of attraction in the party! This thought itself is enough to take way all the sense of relaxation and freshness from your face as this is truly a serious issue faced by many ladies like you.

We know that not all of us are born with superbly perfect skin. There are sure blemishes which we never want others to see. On special days we all want to look lovely and brilliant. This is the time when we take help of makeup which can make us look beautiful and perfect.  However, though it is true that the universe of cosmetics can do magic to our looks but only when applied correctly and wisely.

makeup tips

Yes you read it right; to get that perfect look your makeup must be applied wisely and correctly. Most of the time ladies who use cosmetics do makeup for themselves, as every time it is not possible to take professional help. And most of the time it is believed that using expensive brands will give us flawless makeup look. But actually the truth is slightly different. Makeup is actually not about concealing one’s regular look it is more about improving the look and this can be done not with using expensive brands only but with correctly and wisely applied cosmetics.

Here are 5 easy way to get that perfect look with your cosmetics, which you need to follow every time while doing your makeup:

Three basic things that play an important role in making your efforts a perfect flawless makeup are great foundation, good eye makeup and perfect lips. Following five points help you get these three things correct; Follow it and you are 90 percent close to that perfect look.

  • Select Foundation Intelligently

More or less we all know that the basic of a beautiful makeup is the use and application of perfect foundation. Pick a fluid establishment with silicone and try to keep away from glowing or matte ones as they make the skin show up either excessively damp or too matty, making it impossible to be in its natural state.

makeup foundation

  • Discover Your Foundation Shade Correctly

It is utmost important that your foundation exactly matches to your skin tone; not a shade lighter or a shade darker. To discover an establishment that matches your composition, test the shading on your neck. Your skin tone is more uniform there than it is all over, so you’ll wind up with a shade that is simply right.

makeup foundation shade

  • Select a perfect Concealer

Just like the foundation your concealer is equally important and thus it should also be selected prudently. While doing makeup after foundation one normally applies a concealer that helps to cover the imperfections on your skin one step further.Thus choosing right shade is crucial here too. Yellow-based concealer is good to cover up the redness of your skin. For correct application use a fine-tipped brush, touch a strong concealer over flaws, smooth it over with your fingers, and afterward obscure the edges with a soaked cosmetics wipe.

makeup concealer

  • Apply Correct Compact thereafter

Translucent compact powders are a good choice. Apply uniformly on your nose, cheeks, and forehead. Do not forget to tap off overabundance of the powder from your face. Do not forget to dust powder where you have a tendency to get glossy, well and always use feathery brush while applying compact powder.

makeup compact

  • Greater, Sexier Eyes and  Extravagant, Lips

Eyes and lips are two very beautiful and most attractive parts of your face thus important too. Beautifying them correctly enhances your look to a great extent.  Experts say it is good to skip the common black liner and utilize a hued one like slate, (which looks marvelous on everybody) to characterize your top lash line. Always use a shimmery eyeshadow and apply two layers of protracting mascara.

For best looking lips use a shimmery colorless lip balm first and apply it over “the area below your nose and between the peaks of your top lip.”  Next step is to use a moisturizing lipstick, which has a shiny finish; avoid matt finish ones. Give the finishing touch by applying the shimmery balm you used in the beginning on the center part of the bottom lip.

Extravagant Lips and Eyes