5 Top Winter Enemies Of Your Skin

So your skin has started griping? Can you feel the snugness & dryness inching up? If your answer is yes then winter has started affecting your skin and its time you think of hydrating skin and undertake right winter care regime.

It is really hard to keep your skin supple and beautiful during winter as it tends to lose its natural oils and moisture very soon. Thus to protect your skin from the harshness of winter you need to do a whole lot things like using moisturizers, drinking lots of water, including essential oils and natural oils into your skin care regime and what not.

winter enemies of your skin

If you search the net you will probably come across a lot of sites providing information on what you should do to protect your skin during winter and keep it smooth beautiful and younger looking. But there are also some dont’s that are very important to follow as a part of your skin care regime during winter times. Failing this might not give you positive and effective result no matter how well you concentrate on the Dos.

Most of the time we concentrate on only the things that we must do or follow to protect our skins during this cold season thus we hardly search for things we should not do and instead search for things we must do. But in order to follow a complete care regime for our skin in winter we must also give importance to the things we must avoid during the time,  only then the effect of what we should do things will show perfect results.

In this article you will come to know about 5 such things that one should stay away from during winter times to protect one’s skin:

Here are the 5 things you should stay away from during winter while following a healthy skin schedule.

1. Hot Water

Though it might seem to be your best friend during winter times but it actually can make your skin even worse. It might be that after a hard evening you feel you need to absorb a hot shower or remain in a hot shower to get warm as doing this warms you up, however, might likewise dry you out more. Washing up or showering in Hot water separates the lipid obstruction in your skin and makes more prone to lose its moisture.

2. Excess Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a must during summer, we all know that. However it is also required in winter days as well but in winter you have to ease up on the procedure.

3. Soap

This is a strict no – no. Stay away from soap, utilize just tender cleansers. Never utilize a chemical that is harsher on your skin than the climate outside, and that incorporates starting from the neck.

4. Prolong Shower Time

Directly connected to the point Hot water; hot water may feel great on a frosty morning, yet it strips the skin thus if you stay too long under shower it might damage your skin. Hold your showers under 10 minutes.

5. Toners

Maintain a strategic distance from astringents and toners in winter as they are liquor based & will assist dry out your skin further.