5 Winter Skin Care Tips For Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Winters are time for holidays, tours, Christmas and dry skin! Just as winter brings the joy of vacations and family get together, fun of Christmas on the other hand it also brings along the irritation of dry and dull skin. This is the time when we need to take good care of our skin to keep it beautiful and healthy against the cold and dry climatic condition of winter.

skin care tips in winter

Here are the five most important winter skin care tips one should follow:

1. Saturate Skin More

Winter is the time when our skin tends to lose moisture, and become dry, thus it becomes very important to keep our skin moisturised all the time. Discover a lotion that is oil-based, and not water-based; the oil will make a defensive layer on the skin that help to hold the moisture and keep your skin away from dryness.

2. Hold on to the Sunscreen

Yes sunscreens are not only for summers. Winter sun and the cold glare can harm our skin. Thus it is very important to apply a good sunscreen to our face & hands around thirty minutes before stepping outside. If you need to stay outside quite a while it is advisable to reapply sunscreen often.

3. Drink plenty

We all know that drinking good amount of water is very crucial for a beautiful and healthy skin and this becomes all the more necessary during winter. Yes just like summer during winter too we need to drink good amount of water. Unconsciously we tend to drink less water in the winter in light of the fact that we actually end up having hot beverages like cocoa and tea.

4. Avoid Soap

This is very vital to keep in mind that winter time increase the dryness of your skin and using soap can extraordinarily increase the situation. Rather, take a stab at utilizing a saturating body wash that mainly contains glycerine, petrolatum, or shea butter.

5. Eat Healthy

During winter one should intake nourishments that can help stay hydrated. Eating regimen in winter should be loaded with vitamins to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. It’s additionally imperative to drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated from inside.

For some individuals, the chilly sunny mornings of winter brings joy but for most of us it conveys uncomfortable dryness to the skin of the face, hands, and feet. For a few individuals, the issue is more awful resulting in chipping, and splitting.

Winter climate is not a good time for skin. Cool climate and low dampness levels result in dry air, which then takes dampness far from the skin. To diminish drying, redness, tingling, and keep skin in good condition this season do attempt to follow these tips and you can surely get positive results.