7 Unbelievable Reasons That Prove Women With Longer Eyelashes Are More Attractive

Although eyelashes are a very small part in women’s face, it has tremendous significance on overall look. Women with longer eyelashes look stunning which has been proven over and over again.

Most of the women want healthy eyelashes to look elegant and attractive. Longer eyelashes can change the appearance, and everyone is aware of that fact.

Therefore, nowadays every woman tries to make their eyelashes longer and thicker by using various ideas.

One of the common and most popular ways is to use mascara. However, eyelash serum, eyelash enhancer, and eyelash stripe are other options.

There is no doubt how dramatically longer eyelashes enhances the beauty of your face.

Now, are you wondering how women with longer eyelashes look very attractive and elegant?

Here are the 7 best reasons why women with longer lashes are more attractive.


1. Longer Eyelashes Are Eye-Catching While Making An Eye Contact


eye contact

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There is a general human tendency which draws the human eye to dynamic objects.

You are aware of the fact that eyelashes are the part in a face which moves most frequently.

The longer the eyelash, the more attractive is the face. These longer eyelashes help to catch the attention of other people and make eyes more prominent.

2. Longer Lashes Are A Sign Of Youthfulness



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We are drawn to the faces which have longer, darker and thicker eyelashes. These long and dark eyelashes stand out.

Longer and thicker eyelashes grow throughout the lifetime and make you look younger than before.

Dark eyelashes seem larger in proportion to the nose and ears and make it conspicuous.

3. It Is A sign to show your health



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If your eyelashes are longer and thicker, then it even makes your whites of your eyes look brighter.

Moreover, the brighter it looks, the healthier you seem. This depicts the health of a person. So, with your longer eyelashes you look healthy and attractive.

4. It Aggrandizes Your Femininity



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Longer eyelashes are a symbol of feminism. Feminine appearance with a longer eyelash is a cliché. Female features are more contrasted than male features.

5. It Helps To Build Up Trust



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Have you ever wondered that long eyelashes make your face look similar to a baby’s?

It helps to make your face look wide, and this helps to build up a trust. This look even helps to raise trust at first site from strangers.

6. It Shows Good Reproductive Health



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As we are well aware of the fact that longer eyelashes help to make white are look even brighter. This is a sign of good reproductive health according to doctors.

7. It Helps To Increase Self-Esteem



Every woman feels confident when she looks good. Longer eyelashes look beautiful and certainly enhance the beauty, and this helps to boost the confidence.


I hope that above mentioned information about seven reasons why women with longer eyelashes look very attractive will help you. If you do not have natural longer eyelashes, then do not worry.

With ever changing research in the field of science you can find excellent products that can boost your eyelash growth, that can eventually make you look elegant and attractive.