7 Genuine Reasons Your Eyelashes Are Falling out

eyelashes fall out due to medical side effects

Like the hair on our head, our Eyelashes covering and protecting our eyes also tumble off time to time. This falling out of eyelashes causes thinner and sparce eyelash in many women which is a matter of serious issue for them as they make them look less beautiful and attractive, thus lowering their self esteem….

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Eyelash Extension – The Different Types You Need To Know

eyelash extension

So you are planning for your first eyelash extension? Good. If you are suffering from less lash growth or have thin eyelashes then you can make those lashes longer and thicker but opting lash extensions that can give you a natural look to existing lashes which can beautify your face overall. The eyelash extension types…

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7 Eyelash Extension Tips To Follow If You Are A Newbie

eyelash extension tips

Are you not happy with your appearance? Do you constantly remain worried about your thin and scarcely developed eyelashes? Well if your answer is yes then you must know that you are not the only one facing this issue or this is not a situation which does not have a proper solution. With the below-listed eyelash…

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5 Easy Tips to Flawless Makeup

Extravagant Lips and Eyes

Nothing can be more disappointing than the moment when you realised that in spite of spending so much effort on makeup your pimples or dark circles are still visible! You have the perfect dress the perfect shoe the perfect hair style but without that perfect flawless makeup how on the world can you look perfect and…

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