Eyelash Extension – The Different Types You Need To Know

So you are planning for your first eyelash extension? Good. If you are suffering from less lash growth or have thin eyelashes then you can make those lashes longer and thicker but opting lash extensions that can give you a natural look to existing lashes which can beautify your face overall.

The eyelash extension types need to be known before opting any. And this article will introduce you in understanding the types.

However, since you are a first time user of fake lashes you have to understand that there are certain things that are very important to know before you are buying your kit. One of which is the type of Lash extensions. This is in fact the most important point that a first time user should pay heed to.

Right kind of fake lash is needed to get that perfect attractive look for your eyes.

Eyelash Extension

Following is the list and types of eyelash extensions which can be found in the markets most of the time:

Kayleen McAdams an infamous celebrity craftsman on the cosmetic issue has cited that false lashes are of 4 types, namely,

  • Singular,
  • Group,
  • Full Strip &
  • Demi Strip

Individual/Normal Lashes: As the name suggests this kind of lashes come as single strips and are needed to attach one by one along with the natural lashes. However these lashes give the most common look with extraordinary volume and length yet tend to take more time to apply and get right.

Rather than getting all of the lashes together in a strip, these come in distinctive lengths and are connected exclusively until the lashline is full. You can put on the same number of or as few or many as you need and modify your length and look.

  • Cluster Lashes:  As oppose to the individual lashes these typ comes in a cluster though give the same impact as individual lashes but can be connected all the more effectively and rapidly.
  • Full Strip Lashes: These lashes gives the best scope of wear as the user can layer sets for different impacts, and they are anything but difficult to apply. Full lashes are thicker strips, with all the more thickly pressed swarms, perfect for proms and parties, where you need to look intense. On the off chance that you were doing full-body photographs, these lashes would emerge a great deal more than the regular lashes would have provided.
  • Demi Strip Lashes: These are half-size lashes of a large portion of the measure of full strip lashes. You apply them on the external portion of your upper lash line – this lifts your eyes and adds coy accentuation to the external corners of your eyes while looking normal. You can likewise cut a couple of full strip lashes fifty-fifty to make your own particular demi strip lashes.
  • Long and Short Lashes: This classification of lashes has an intense example of longer and shorter lashes. Some may contain jumbled lashes, some may be straight. A few sets even have mismatched styles yet regardless or outline their greatest qualification is their tip length.

1. Fake Eyelash Extension – 3 Quarter

Eyelashes of this kind need a bit of research before you can find them, as they are rarely found. The design of these lashes has a bit of variety and their design concentration is focussed on the corners of eye. The 3 quarter lashes offer you some assistance with achieving staggering, provocative and over-romantic looks.

2. Fake Eyelash Extension – Base or Lower

These are not so common & you find people using them rarely. They add up a bit of charm to your eyes, but reality is they get unnoticed as they are applied to the bottom section of lashes.

3. Fake Eyelash Extension – Human Hair

Eyelashes made from human hair cannot actually be categorised as fake but due to the material used in its making it is termed in such a way. Human hair is used in its making which makes it durable, easy to use and more realistic.


Taking everything into account, picking the right kind of false eyelashes depends enormously on the particular need and look you might want to make. Obviously, the strip lashes are the most widely recognized for wearing and the least demanding to apply.