How To Use Vaseline On Eyelashes For Lengthening Naturally?

Vaseline is an easy cosmetic to many people. The product is gentle on most skin and is trusted. Let’s learn on how to use vaseline on eyelashes for lengthening them gradually and naturally.

Robert Augustus is the name of a chemist who in 1859 from Brooklyn traveled to Pennsylvania. He went there for finding information about the oil wells. There he was surprised to see workers applying a wax over wounds and burns. He refined the product of petroleum jelly and sold it as Vaseline.

Does Vaseline Help Your Eyelashes Grow?

Be it dried lips or spread mascara, Vaseline fixes many issues. Also called white petrolatum it is a half liquid combination of hydrocarbons utilized as a cosmetic is a topical ointment that cures baby rash to fungal.

It helps great moisturizing for dried-up lashes, which in turn might grow robust, lengthy, and thick. The cosmetic abilities could moisturize the dry area surrounding the eyes. The skin could become healthy.

petroleum jelly for eyelash growth


Clean Up Everything

You must clean the mascara brush and stick. For that dip the mascara in lukewarm water for ten minutes. Later, dip it in isopropyl alcohol for ten minutes. Soon after clean away the mascaras brush over a paper towel thoroughly.

Wash your face evenly to remove any traces of makeup and pat dry.

Clean the area surrounding the eyes and lids. Do ensure to keep the eyelashes free from any dirt.

Rules When Using Vaseline on Eyelashes for Lengthening


vaseline for eyelashes

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Now use the Q-tip or mascara tip and apply Vaseline over it. Remember to use very little of it. Later run the Q-tip carefully over the eyelashes.

  1. Forthe Upper Lashes
  • Do this the same as putting on mascara.
  • Rub it over the top eyelashes. Give a thin coating on each side of the eyelashes evenly. Make sure you don’t add them inside the eyes.
  • You may apply some petroleum jelly on the eyelids for healthy skin.
  • Do check it in your hand’s backside. This step will check if your skin is sensitive to Vaseline.
  1. For the Lower Lashes
  • Place the tip on the Vaseline. Again be cautious never to put it on the eyes.
  • Gently cover the lower lashes with a thin coating.
  • The eyelashes should stick with each other.
  • Again do not apply more just a thin line will do.
  1. The Extra Step
  • Clean and wash your hands evenly including the fingertips and nails. Pat your finger dry.
  • After that pinch some Vaseline through the index finger and thumb. Patiently apply some on the eyelashes.
  • Do this before sleeping and after it just goes to bed. Wake up fresh and clean your face with clean water.
  • Things you will see after regular application.
  • You would see the results after four weeks or before.

Take Your Decision! Pros and Cons

There are some pros and cons to guiding you about deciding on this Vaseline method.


  • Vaseline is not costly and found anywhere.
  • It is good for the skin, burns, and cuts.
  • Use it in place of mascara during daytime to get a wet look over the eyelashes.
  • Keeps makeup stay long if you apply Vaseline before applying mascara.


  • It could smudge the mascara make you look like a raccoon.
  • The oily structure of petroleum jelly might make them tough for removing.
  • Too much oil surrounding eyelids could increase dirt.
  • The condition could give dark circles and puffed skin.
  • The oil based structure of petroleum jelly might block the pores on your skin.
  • This action could eventually lead to pimples.
  • This area of the skin is a very sensitive area to any people.

“Are There Any Side Effects of Vaseline?”

Now there is no real need to check after four weeks for watching the results of petroleum jelly. Once you have applied it to the eyelashes, the shine created reflecting dew drops. This glitter could offer liveliness and fullness to the eyelashes just like mascara.

Eyelashes detach once they turn thick in the base. By offering support to the base with some Vaseline, the eyelashes hold on to the eyelids longer. This change could help them grow longer than usual times.

Let’s watch out for a different route to the same logic! Vaseline conditions the hair. Vaseline is dense in skin strengthening qualities, turning lashes healthy. This property prevents early fall offs. So remember to rinse the oil out properly come morning

Added Tips

Be sensible to the whole approach. Each skin is different, and there are no exact time limits. Many people need to wait longer to see the results. Some wait for almost a month to see the change.

Be patient and delicate to your eyelashes. And once the time is right you might see the result.


  • Wash your whole face in the morning time.
  • Removing the Vaseline off the skin helps prevent blocked pores. If you don’t wash the face skin, this leads to pimples.
  • The daily cleaning also prevents swollen eyelids and dark circles.
  • This procedure is never a treatment and prevention of diseases.
  • Please never view this as a medical suggestion.
  • Consult your eye doctor or dermatologist f you see some adverse effects.
  • If you have some eye or skin infections, consult the doctors before starting this procedure.
  • In case you are Pregnant, nursing babies, suffer from dangerous diseases. Or in case you suffer from heart conditions we advise you to speak with your doctor before trying such procedures.
  • Remember to check for allergic reactions.

Most procedures do have some side backs just like any others. Petroleum jelly could help you get long eyelashes. It took centuries to build the Egyptian pyramids. Similarly, your eyelashes just need some time to heal and get healthy.

Please be cautioned that the post is only for information and guidance. Time is the only primary factor here as always.

Hope this article helps you grow thick dark eyelashes. Do take the necessary precautions and follow instructions. Just share this article with others by pressing the share link. You could give your valuable suggestions in the comment space below. Happy long lashes to you!